Weight Management for Pets

Obesity can affect all aspects of your pet’s health and negatively impact their quality of life. Pets who are overweight have a shortened lifespan because of the health conditions they are more susceptible to. Our veterinary team can provide guidance with weight management to support your pet in maintaining a healthy weight. 

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Why does my pet need weight management?

Nutrition is an important part of your pet’s health but too much of a good thing can negatively impact their health. The goal of weight management is to make changes to your pet’s lifestyle to help them get to a healthier weight. We’ll assess your pet’s age, activity level and metrics to determine a healthy weight. Though your pet might seem obese, overweight pets are more common so it can be difficult to discern if your pet is a healthy weight on your own. Our veterinary team can provide insights into your pet’s weight. 

How does a weight management plan support weight loss?

A weight management plan includes assessing your pet’s current caloric intake and making adjustments based on what aligns with their goal weight. Integrating more exercise as well as behavioural modifications like not begging for food or only eating within designated meal times helps your pet lose weight. This process doesn’t end after your pet meets their goal weight. It’s a lifelong process and commitment to helping your pet live a healthier lifestyle. We’ll support you by creating an individualized plan that meets your furry family member’s specific needs. If you’re interested in creating a weight management plan for your pet, please contact us at 613.634.7474.

How can I encourage my pet’s progress?

Being your pet’s cheerleader and support system during this process is important to their success. Though you might usually reward your pet with treats, those should only take up less than 10% of their daily caloric intake. You can swap out rewarding your pet with food with other incentives like physical activity and praise.

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