Parasite Control and Prevention

Parasites are harmful to your pet’s internal and external health. Ensuring your pet has a parasite prevention plan helps protect them against preventable diseases that could be damaging. Our hospital is committed to preventative care, including recommending the best products to safeguard your furry friend against infections. 

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What does parasite control protect against?

Furry friends are at risk of infections and diseases transmitted by both internal and external parasites when they are left unprotected. Some of these parasites include: 

  • Ticks 
  • Fleas 
  • Heartworms 
  • Roundworms 
  • Whipworms 
  • Tapeworms 

When should my pet start parasite protection?

Our veterinary team can provide recommendations on the best time to start your furry friend on parasite protection. Even puppies and kittens aren’t immune to the health risks parasites cause. A year-round plan ensures your pet is protected against a range of parasites, regardless of the season. For example, fleas are most active from March to May and August to November. Ensuring your pet is taking a medication that protects them against health conditions ticks transmit – like Lyme disease and anemia – ensures your pet is maintaining their overall health. To get your pet started on a parasite prevention plan, please contact us at 613.634.7474.

How effective is it?

If given as directed, parasite prevention is an effective tool. It’s important to administer your pet’s dose at the same time every month so they can get the broad spectrum coverage they need. Based on your pet’s needs, we can prescribe a medication that will defend them against a range of parasites. In addition, it’s also important to practice good hygiene after handling your pet, their food or bodily waste. Grooming also helps keep their fur tamed. 

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