Euthanasia Services for Pets

Our team expresses our deepest sympathies as you contemplate euthanizing your pet. As pet owners and animal lovers, we know this is a difficult decision and want you to have all the support you need to make the best decision. In addition to your pet’s overall health, it’s important to consider their quality of life and your family’s needs before making a final decision. 

When is it time to say goodbye to my pet?

Though our veterinary team can provide medical advice about your pet’s condition, only you and your family will know what the best decision for your pet is. Especially if they’re experiencing a decrease in their quality of life, peacefully choosing to end their life could be the best decision to maintain your pet’s dignity. Signs your pet’s quality of life is declining include: 

  • Significant weight loss 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Disinterest in their usual activities 
  • Inability to move around or engage in their daily routine 
  • Chronic pain 

What happens leading up to their appointment?

After feeling at peace with your decision to euthanize your pet, it’s important to plan how you will spend your final moments with your furry friend. As a valued member of the family, your pet should spend time with all your loved ones to ensure their last few days are as happy as possible. If you have children, it is important to explain what is happening with them so they have the opportunity to properly say goodbye to their pet. 

What can I expect during euthanasia?

Before your appointment, our veterinary team will thoroughly walk you through it to ensure you feel supported and comfortable with the procedure. This is the time to ask any questions or get any clarification you need. We also want to ensure your pet is comfortable during the procedure. If there is a favourite blanket or toy your pet enjoys, it’s helpful to bring it to their appointment. Our veterinary team administers life-ending medication with an injection, which leaves your pet unconscious before stopping their heart and brain function.