Dental Care Services for Pets

Dental care is an important component of your pet’s overall health. Dental disease not only impacts your pet’s mouth but can negatively affect other parts of their body. Periodontal disease is common in furry friends, which is why the combination of professional cleanings and at home care is so important. If your pet is due for their next dental checkup, please contact us at 613.634.7474.

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How should I care for my pet’s teeth?

It’s important to regularly brush your pet’s teeth at home to ensure any harmful bacteria and plaque on the surface of their teeth is removed. Pet toothpaste is available in a range of flavours they’ll love, like peanut butter or seafood, which can help make brushing their teeth more enjoyable. A few dental care tips you can practice with your pet include: 

  • Using a toothbrush specifically designed for them
  • Focusing on cleaning the external parts of their teeth
  • Avoiding home remedies to treat their dental issues  
  • Integrating teeth cleaning into their regular daily routine 
  • Ensuring your pet has regular professional cleanings 

What does a professional dental cleaning include?

If your pet has an upcoming dental appointment, you can expect a full oral exam. It can be hard to determine serious dental issues without seeing below your pet’s gum line. X-rays (radiographs) give us a better picture of the root of your pet’s teeth, where we can detect decay or other issues. Dental disease happens when plaque, bacteria and tartar on the surface of your pet’s teeth move below the gum line. It can get in their bloodstream at this point, spreading the infection to other vital organs. We’ll start by scaling, which includes removing tartar and plaque buildup, and polishing their teeth. 

How often should my pet have a dental appointment?

It’s recommended that pets have yearly dental appointments to examine their teeth. If you notice any abnormalities between appointments like your pet flinching if you touch their mouth, bad breath, reduced diet, swelling or broken teeth, it’s important to schedule an appointment. 

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