Dermatology Services for Pets

Since your pet’s skin is exposed to the elements, it’s not uncommon for them to develop skin issues. Regularly examining their fur, grooming and parasite preventatives are tools you can use to take care of their skin. Our veterinary team can also provide our expertise if you notice any abnormalities that are cause for concern. 

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Does my pet’s skin condition need professional treatment?

Over-the-counter medication or at-home remedies might seem like an easy alternative to taking your pet to the vet, but despite your good intentions, they can sometimes cause more harm than good. If you have any concerns about your pet’s skin, it’s best to book an appointment with us. Skin issues can be a sign of underlying health issues so treating the symptom, like a skin rash or irritation, will not address the root cause. If you’ve noticed excessive scratching or observed your pet biting at their skin until it bleeds, it’s time to schedule a vet visit for your pet by contacting us at 613.634.7474.

What signs of skin issues should I look for in my pet?

Depending on your pet’s skin condition, it can manifest in one or a combination of signs. Especially if any of the below signs lead to sores, it can cause infections. Your pet could have a condition if their skin has: 

  • Bumps or lumps 
  • Redness
  • Irritation 
  • Dryness or flakiness
  • Fur loss 

What causes skin conditions?

Like human skin, your pet’s skin is a delicate organ that can be impacted by environmental irritants like pollen and dust. Some skin issues could even be triggered by the chemicals in your cleaning products. Food allergies, infections, parasite bites, and ear mites can also cause skin conditions for your pet. In addition, underlying health concerns could be the culprit of your pet’s skin issues, which is why it’s important to have our veterinary team diagnose any of your concerns. 

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